The bowls of roses, the lovely linen, the total silence and tranquility, Ozzie (the dog), the horses, peacock, geese, etc. and peaceful vineyard/farm atmosphere were all great.
SA from Sydney, Oct 2013

Absolutely a gem of a place. The cottage is typically what you would expect to find in a pretty secluded part of the Central West of NSW.
Andrew from Sydney, July 2013

The flat itself is warm & cozy and has a gorgeous outlook over the gardens, of course being there in autumn was a fabulous bonus to see the colours in full swing
Tasha from Sydney, May 2013

I photographed Mitch & Belinda Engagement/Surprise Wedding out there on Easter Saturday & I've never been to a more stunning place with such a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere!
Naomi, Orange, April 2013

A very cosy and warm stay.
Tavish, NSW, March 2013

I'm sooooo looking forward to visiting Mayfield Vineyard next week. I'm organising a conference in Orange on 21-22 March, and am arriving a full day early to make sure I taste every single wine and pack my car with all the boxes I can manage. See you next week!!
Meredith, March 2013